Unbiased Webhostingbuzz reviews & ratings (5 yrs hosted)

This Webhostingbuzz review website is hosted. This review site is unique and currently hosting with them to provide real life review. We have been using their services since year 2008. All these valuable experience are recorded down in this here. All reviews here are based on our own research, and it is fully unbiased and based on true facts. Over the years, we have collected customer feedback comments and validate it before making it available here. This web hosting review site can be a great source for true and honest reviews. Besides that, we have a few coupons and promotion codes that able to offer some discount for your signup too.


Brief overview of Web Hosting Buzz. With more than 30,000 clients and over 250,000 hosted domains, it is safe to say that Webhostingbuzz ranks as one of the most trustworthy and sought after hosting companies in the online environment. The company was founded more than a decade ago, and over the past 13 years it has offered a wide array of high quality hosting services and packages at prices for all pockets. Among some of the most popular and affordable services provided by Webhostingbuzz, there is reseller hosting, web hosting services, VPS hosting services as well as dedicated server hosting.

In spite of having offices all across the United States and Europe, the company’s headquarters are located in Auburn, Massachusetts, and it also operates data centers in Dallas, Atlanta, Phoenix and New Jersey. The company was initially founded by Safvan Malik, and it is now managed by Matt Russel, who is the chief executive officer. The company has started to expand itself in Europe back in 2012, and it now has data centers in Amsterdam and Nottingham.

Is Webhostingbuzz really that good? This is an experience web hosting company with excellent products. They’re offering great products and services since 2002 and they’re now home to over 200,000 websites world wide. Now there are Magento, Joomla, Ecommerce and Django optimized plans to choose from. And most importantly, they are having widest range of hosting products for all types of applications.

  1. Budget shared hosting from $4.95/mo.
  2. WordPress hosting plan tailored made for WordPress site.
  3. Reseller hosting from as low as $1 dollar first month.
  4. VPS hosting from $14.95 per month.
  5. Dedicated server from $59.50 per month.

Webhostingbuzz review on shared hosting. The basic plan that we’re using is permitting two domains hosting, and the higher power plan allows unlimited domains. They provide free cPanel control panel, free domain name and allow multiple sites hosting. This web hosting price start from $4.95 per month and it includes 400 gigabytes storage space and unlimited bandwidth. It also includes free cPanel and Softaculous installer software. They use the most secure data centres with high performance dual Xeon 8-ways server.

Here are the three shared hosting plans available:

  1. Buzz light from $4.95 per month.
    It includes 400 GB storage space and allows 2 websites in one account. This is the cheapest plan and recommended for smaller website that is just getting started.
  2. Buzz power from $6.95 per month.
    This is an unlimited plan and it comes with unlimited storage, bandwidth and unlimited websites in one account. This is the most popular plan recommended for busy blog or forum. It is suitable for wide range of websites.
  3. Buzz premier from $9.95 per month.
    This is unlimited domain plan for business websites. This plan is designed for developer and businesses online that look for performance web hosting plan for their high traffic websites and support variety of applications.

There are currently three packages that are being offered under this segment. Cheapest hosting plans start with Buzz Light and then moves on to Buzz Power and Buzz Premier. Buzz Light is ideal for small business firms and starts from $4.95 per month, which allows a storage disk space of 400 GB and unlimited Bandwidth. The Buzz Power and Buzz Premier are best for large scale businesses and busy websites, starting from $6.95 per month and $9.95 per month respectively. Both of these plans offer unlimited disk space and Bandwidth along with unlimited websites. So, these plans are just ideal for people, who don’t like any kind of restrictions as far as web hosting is concerned.

Shared hosting plan

Webhostingbuzz review on reseller hosting. Under this segment, you can offer your own web hosting services or host your own websites under a single plan. Plans currently being offered under reseller hosting are Reseller Light, Reseller power, Reseller Premiere and Reseller Ultimate. You can avail Reseller Light for $12.95 per month, Reseller Power for $22.95 per month, Reseller premiere for $32.95 per month or Reseller Ultimate for $42.95 per month, with $1 per month for the first month for all. Disk Space of 50 GB, 75 GB, 100 GB and 150 GB respectively, with Bandwidth of 5000 GB, 7500 GB, 10,000 GB and 5,000 GB in that order. More reseller review here…

Webhostingbuzz review on VPS hosting. Taking a look at the Webhostingbuzz reviews about its VPS Hosting, there are 7 different packages that are being offered by this server provider as of 2015. The cheapest plan, VPS1, starts for $14.95 per month and extends till VPS7, which starts for $104.95 per month. The VPS1 allows you a disk space of 20 GB and a Bandwidth of 250 GB, with a 1 GB ram and 1 IP Address. On the other hand, the highest VPS plan, VPS 7, offers you a disk space of 140 GB and a Bandwidth of 1750 GB. This plan includes 4 CPU and 4 IP addresses and offers 7 GB of ram. More VPS review here…

Webhostingbuzz review on dedicated servers. High performance dedicated servers keep your server running flawlessly so that you don’t have to worry a bit about the working of your website. Under this segment, the server will be deployed within few hours on the same day of placing an order. As far as Webhostingbuzz reviews are concerned, you can choose servers from single processor to dual processor, which contains various types of processor plan under them. The processors start with 8 GB of RAM and storage space of 1TB HDD to 240 GB SSD. More dedicated server review here…

Webhostingbuzz benefits and advantages. As mentioned above, this web hosting company offers three main hosting plans that customers can opt for. The Buzz Light plan ($4.95/month) is the most affordable one, and it includes unlimited bandwidth, 400 GB of disk space, and it also allows you to install over 300 web applications and add four extra features of your choice.

The Buzz Power package ($6.95/month), on the other hand, is by far the most appreciated one among blog and forum users who want minimal downtime. It is featuring unlimited disk space, bandwidth and free website domain names; the Buzz Power package also allows you to install more than 300 different web apps. Last, but not least, the Buzz Premier ($9.95/month) is a high performance package designed for the busiest and most demanding websites, businesses and applications: it features all the functions and benefits of the Buzz Power package and, in addition to those, it also allows users to opt for 11 extra features to take their personalized hosting service to the next level.

Webhostingbuzz customer support quality. When it comes to the customer support service, this web hosting company has always risen to the highest standards of quality with a team of engineers that cater for every single technical issue customers may encounter, Webhostingbuzz offers unlimited, 24/7/365 customer support. Every customer can reach the support department either via telephone or live chat or via email. There are various support and customer service departments across Europe and the United States, and customers can benefit from fast, professional and tailored services at any time of the day or night, with minimal waiting time.

Webhostingbuzz reviews on average rating. Along with the above mentioned features, there are some added features that make this company one of the best server providers. To start with, it offers a 24×7 customer support throughout the year and 99.99 percent uptime. In an addition, they also offer a 45 day money back guarantee to ensure you meet all your requirements appropriately. Webhostingbuzz has been nominated as the most popular WordPress hosting and has been nominated for the Annual Web Hosting Awards. Webhostingbuzz reviews thus clearly state why you need to have a server under this company and what are its benefits.

We have been using their shared hosting for over five years and will continue to use this for many years to come. This is one reliable cPanel hosting plan and worth the money paid for. Another good advantage is this plan allows multiple domains hosting and this make the plan worth even more. From our real web hosting experience, testing and reviews… we have concluded the following rating and score. In overall, we are highly satisfied with this web hosting service.

Webhostingbuzz rating and scores

Webhostingbuzz VPS web hosting plans being rated

If shared hosting is just not enough, the latest VPS is the next best thing to consider. They are good in price and cost only four to five times more. For example shared plan can cost four dollars per month and it only cost around twenty dollars per month. If budget solution is your target, this is the place to start looking.

Webhostingbuzz VPS hosting upgrade. When is the best time to upgrade to this VPS hosting plan? We have a simple guideline and it works always. By comparison your website traffic and profit it made every month. If the numbers are over one thousand dollars in profit, then its time to upgrade to a starter VPS plan and allow your website to grow and be able to handle more traffic.

Webhostingbuzz VPS hosting features. It uses OpenVZ control panel and optional cPanel is available. It comes with generous 20 gigabytes storage space and 250 gigabytes data transfer. And one dedicated IP address and 512 megabytes RAM memory come as standard.

And there are seven packages to choose from and price ranging from $14.95 to $104.95 per month. And RAM memory ranging from 512 megabytes to 3.5 gigabytes (the more the better). There are 7 packages available and price start from $14.95 only. Our editor highly recommends at least 1 GB in RAM memory for your first virtual server plan. Anything below that will cause limited server resources and unwanted service failure or downtime.

Grab this Webhostingbuzz VPS hosting from $14.95

Webhostingbuzz coupon 50% off (use this signup link)

What is the best Webhostingbuzz coupon for 2014? Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the best day to signup for a new web hosting package, and we can find the best deal at Webhostingbuzz.com for this year too. Their promotion price is now ranging from 75% to 90% and the following screenshot is showing the final offer giving up to 90% discount off their shared and reseller packages. Choose any annual plan, signup with the coupon code “CYBERMONDAYDEAL” and you will be able to get 90% in saving. Click on the following picture go to the discount page.

Cyber Monday coupon 90%

During this year world cup season, they are now offering half price deal for all products. This is limited run promo and valid for all new customer who choose to signup with coupon code “WORLDCUP50″ before July 13th 2014 (when the world cup final). Here are what we get after activated the given promo code:

  • Basic shared service 12 months valued at $118.80 (now only $59.40).
  • Reseller plan $22.95 per month (now only $11.48 first month).
  • VPS hosting $29.95 per month (now only $14.97 first month).

50% Off World Cup Sales

This web hosting discount price is better compare to what Hostgator is offering, they give only 45% off their products and the promo is valid for one day only. Check out the similar Hostgator coupon here.

Webhostingbuzz coupon on domain registration. Buy a cheap domain name this year 2014. Last year and this year we saw a huge increase in price and we are shocked by the latest renewal bill too. We have lots of domain names with some of the top registrar and the bill that we received this year is far higher compare to year before this. This mean the price is getting higher and we need to find a better deal and getting cheaper offer for our websites. We search through their domain registration cost and shocked with this amazing low price they are currently offering. Their dot com is remaining at $10.99 a year and same goes to the dot net too. There is little other extension that is much cheaper and you can see the following table for details.

Cheap domain 2014

Webhostingbuzz coupons on WordPress hosting plan signup. We have look through many places and try to search for the best web hosting deals from WHB. We felt lucky and spotted this 50% off for their latest Wordpress plan. They have four plans in this category and all of them are available for half price promotion when user signup with WP50 as their discount code. Following is the billing page after we apply this code. The suppose subtotal to be paid is $118 but after activated the code we only pay the remaining $59 dollars. It will renew at regular every 2 years. The new Wordpress Light plan original pricing is $118.80 and after 50% discount is $59.40. Use WP50 for this saving.

Wordpress light plan promotion

Looking for the best Webhostingbuzz coupon 2013? For this month and during this US Open tennis tournament, they are offering 40% discounts on their shared and reseller package. This is for first month only and valid for 14 days duration. Use the below code and order their hosting products today. This is valid for 14 days until September 9th 2013. Use the given voucher code “USOPEN” to entitle.

Shared and reseller 40% saving

Webhostingbuzz coupons for 35% discount. For this month of February 2013, they are now giving extra discount for all their web hosting packages. All these packages are now entitled for 35% extra saving. From 12th onward, all users that signup using the following code will be entitle for this promotion. This is initial signup offer and only valid once. This coupon will not give recurring discount or renewal rebate.

Get recurring 35% off

Webhostingbuzz cPanel account and dns configuration

Webhostingbuzz cPanel control panel is available for free. All their shared hosting services are offering with the best control panel software and applications. For example, their basic shared service is using cPanel and accessible from domain name directly. In here, there is cPanel and Softaculous apps installer come free at no cost at all.

cPanel control panel login

How to login Webhostingbuzz cPanel? There is no complicated login path to remember, all we need to do is use our domain URL and follow by slash cPanel and that’s all.

  • http://unbiased.webhostingbuzz-review.org/cpanel
  • It uses port 2083.
  • Session cookies are optional but recommended.

Once login is successful with a valid username password, user will be redirected to front-end page with cPanel version X.

cPanel main page

Each web hosting account can only have a single cPanel and cannot create or add new user. After logged in to cPanel control panel, we tried on few of the links just to make sure it’s working fine.

Next we created a new MySQL and import my existing database to server. That’s completed site migration process and now this review site can fully running from their server. This cPanel is error free, easy to use, and it uses standard default theme. Another advantage is there is no banner ads placed inside here, which mean less disturbing for user to perform their daily task.

Webhostingbuzz domain name and MySQL database. Currently there are three shared hosting plans available, and the basic plan is allowing 2 websites and other plans are offering unlimited website hosting. This is their web hosting plan feature and limitation. If you are planning to host many unique websites, then choose the one that permit unlimited domain hosting. No matter which one you are choosing, from the cPanel domains management section you can use the addon domain to create new website space. In here, we can perform the following:

  1. Addon domains
  2. Subdomain
  3. Parked domains
  4. Website redirects
  5. Simple DNS zone editor
  6. Advanced DNS zone editor

Other than adding new domain, we can choose to add new MySQL for our website too. We can create new database, access it via phpMyAdmin control panel and use it to create table and insert records from here. For advanced user that demands remote database access, there is remote MySQL feature available to help you setup the connection properly.

Domains and database feature

Webhostingbuzz Softaculous installer review. Some web hosts choose to use Simplescripts and some will choose to use this Softaculous. Fortunately, we have experiencing both and know the differences very well. First of all, they are using Softaculous application installer and not Simplescripts. The key advantages this tool is that is have much more free scripts right inside here available for free installation. You can choose from far more available choice for your blog, ecommerce, social site, media gallery etc. And second biggest advantage is the much faster scripts installation speed. Our impression with Simplescripts from Bluehost and Hostmonster is average and it was buggy and takes over a minute to complete site setup. For Softaculous, it fixed just that and be able to complete the new site installation in much faster time.

Webhostingbuzz Softaculous installer 2014

Webhostingbuzz cPanel backup tool. In this cPanel control panel, they include all the standard backup tools and backup wizard apps. At here we can choose to create and download a full website backup or download the weekly server backup. Every time we want to download our website backup copy, all need to do is login cPanel and click the backup link. From here, choose the database to backup and download the zip compressed file. Alternatively, there is feature to backup website files and email forwarder data as well.

Backup service

Webhostingbuzz DNS name server. All the websites to be hosted with their shared hosting should be using the following domain name server fields. After we signed up with them and in the welcome email that we received, there is server DNS domain information is included as well.

  • ns100.whbdns.com
  • ns101.whbdns.com

Your default DNS records might differs, please check on your account setup email or cPanel stat for more details.

Webhostingbuzz vs. iPage vs. Justhost VPS hosting service

There are lots of service providers, who provide great web hosting services. But, how does one decide, which one is good? While some service providers provide high quality services, others provide cheaper and affordable services. And, one needs to compromise between the two, so that the right balance is struck. We give below a comparison between Webhostingbuzz vs. iPage vs. Justhost. This review will help you in choosing the best services for your business. For doing the comparison, we will take into consideration, certain factors, like features, pros and cons, price range, etc.

Introduction to Webhostingbuzz, iPage and Justhost. Webhostingbuzz is a turbo-charged VPS hosting provider. They are also known for providing web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. They provide fast and affordable servers with a premium performance. The servers have RAID10 disk and a 64 GB RAM, which deliver greater performance. These come with OnApp and cPanel, which help in providing the best VPS hosting.

IPage focuses on websites, emails and online security. They also provide online site builders, software, blogging applications, and other things, at the cheapest possible rates. The packages come with unlimited domains, POP3 Accounts, FTP Accounts and MySQL databases. Also, these come with pre-installed scripts, such as Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby, SSI, and CGI. And, the cPanel comes with web mail, SMTP, Spam Assassin, etc. They provide 100% wind powered hosting services and free marketing credits, with personalized e-mail facilities.

Justhost VPS Hosting provides robust functionality, with a highly responsive support system. They provide Cloud technology, and an enhanced Control Panel. This makes them easily manageable and easier to control. The servers guarantee a higher performance, due to the KVM Hyper-visor virtualisation. One can easily manage multiple accounts, with a higher bandwidth and speed. And, the best thing about Justhost is their excellence in customer support.

Webhostingbuzz, iPage and Justhost pros and cons. Webhostingbuzz provides VPS solutions from their own infrastructure. This helps them in providing a better hosting experience. The OnApp control can be used for managing, starting, stopping and rebooting the servers. And, the cPanel can be useful for managing the users and sites. Their prices are also quite low and affordable. And, the best thing is that they provide 100% uptime.

IPage provides increased control, with easy-to-use control panel. They provide cloud based flexibility, where the businesses can scale and grow. Also, seamless migration is easily possible. It comes with a high-speed SAN storage, which makes them perform faster. And, it also helps them in performing better. The monthly costs are predictable, without any hidden costs.

With Justhost VPS hosting, one can build the sites easily, and for free. There is unlimited hosting of domains available, without any hidden terms and conditions. With a very high uptime, they also support Open Source Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and other e-commerce applications. It is very easy to set up, optimize and promote the sites with their help. Complicated things like template designs, free advertising credits and application installs become easier with them.

As per some people, the support provided by Webhostingbuzz is terrible, and they don’t follow ethics.

IPage lacks advanced features and do not provide the script libraries.

When one uses Justhost, it becomes difficult to get the blogs imported from WordPress. The control panel is customized a lot, which makes it messy and unfriendly. The sign-up period is also quite long, and it supports only Linux hosting.

How to choose between Webhostingbuzz, iPage or Justhost? Webhostingbuzz packages start from $14.95 p/month. And, this package comes with 1 GB RAM, 20 GB storage space, 250 GB bandwidth, and 1 core CPU.

IPage packages start from $19.99 p/month. This package comes with 1 GB RAM, 40 GB storage, 1 TB bandwidth, 1 core CPU, CentOS 6.4 and free domain.

The price of Justhost VPS Hosting starts from $14.99 p/month. This package comes with 2 GB RAM, 30 GB storage, 1 TB bandwidth, 1 core CPU, CentOS 6.4 and free domain.

Based on this review of Webhostingbuzz vs. iPage vs. Justhost, you can decide on the best web hosting service package. Choose the right package, as per your business needs and requirements. All of them are good in their own way. Webhostingbuzz provides greater speed, better support, faster servers and better uptime. IPage provides affordable services, and is known for its flexibility and well-rounded services. These are perfect for beginners as well as intermediate users. Justhost VPS Hosting provides fantastic support, and is easy to use. They provide the best possible web hosting services at competitive rates.

For your further reading, you can view our Justhost VPS reviews here and iPage VPS reviews here.

Webhostingbuzz vs. Hostgator and which is the best for business website hosting?

Both Webhostingbuzz and Hostgator are known to be two of the worlds most reliable and trustworthy Web hosting providers, but if you are a blogger or a website owner and you want to get the best value for your money, then you should compare the two providers in order to find the one that best meets your needs. Having said that, here you will find an objective and in-depth comparison: Webhostingbuzz vs. Hostgator.

Brief overview of the two hosting providers. Webhostingbuzz has been around for little over a decade and founded in 2004, the company has diversified its array of services over the years and it now caters to a variety of individuals and businesses. The company constantly invests in server optimization and software upgrading, and it hosts millions of websites worldwide.

On the other hand, Hostgator was started two years before Webhostingbuzz, in 2002, and it stands out through its comprehensive hosting solutions. At the time being, Hostgator offers reseller hosting, shared hosting as well as dedicated servers, both on the Windows and on the Linux platforms.

A closer look at the Webhostingbuzz and Hostgator prices. When it comes to the fees that apply to hosting services, it must be said that Hostgator is widely considered to be more expensive than Webhostingbuzz, primarily because of the fact that its hosting packages are more feature-rich and diversified. For instance, Hostgator offers two basic hosting packages, the Hatchling plan and the Baby Plan (the first one for $3.71 per month while the latter costs $5.96 per month), while Webhostingbuzz offers a package that contains all the features and benefits included in Hostgator Baby plan, at just $3.95/month. On the plus side, both hosting providers allow users to use coupon codes in order to get discounts of up to %60.

Another significant difference between the packages offered by the two companies is that while the Hostgator plans are covered by a 45-days money back guarantee (thus allowing customers to get a full refund if they are not fully satisfied with the service), the Webhostingbuzz plans are covered by a 90-day money back guarantee, which offers users more time to test the features and functionality of its hosting plans.

Webhostingbuzz and Hostgator features and functions. Both Hostgator and Webhostingbuzz offer a plethora of basic and advanced features and functions that come in handy for every webmaster. Nonetheless, it must be said that Hostgator offers a free website builder that features a variety of templates that are not only intuitive and user-friendly but also very easy to navigate easy to navigate, thus allowing you to take your website’s management to the next level. Even so, the exact feature vary greatly from one plan to another: the Hatchling plan is inferior to the Baby plan in terms of functions.

The Webhostingbuzz plan also encompasses cPanel and several other tools that allow website owners to set up their sites quickly and effortlessly. Also, the company has been rated an A on a scale from A+ to F by the BBB (the Better Business Bureau), and it has managed to receive various awards throughout the years, such as the Best VPS Hosting Award.

Both Webhostingbuzz and Hostgator are extremely secure, therefore users can rest assured knowing that their websites are safe and sound. The sole difference between the two hosting providers lies in the encryption method: while Webhostingbuzz uses the classic Secure Socket Layer protocol to carry out payment processing in a safe way and it uses SHA1 for message authentication, Hostgator uses the renowned Comodo Certified SSL certification.

Given the fact that Hostgator and Webhostingbuzz are two of the most sought-after hosting providers in the world, their customer support service is almost impeccable. Non-stop customer support is of the essence for personal hosting, and both providers offer 24/7 professional customer support via phone call, e-mail support as well as live chat. Moreover, both companies offer a comprehensive FAQ and self-help section where users can find answers to some of the most common questions, thus saving both time and trouble.

Webhostingbuzz and Hostgator, which to choose? To conclude, both hosting services are outstanding, although many would agree upon the fact that Hostgator is more suitable for personal hosting (given the fact that it allows the user to slowly upgrade his hosting plan, from basic to advance, based on how fast his website is developing), while Webhostingbuzz is a better choice for business hosting. Either way, both providers ensure speedy website loading, rich features and a great price quality ratio. Fore more about Hostgator, visit our Hostgator review and demo site.

Webhostingbuzz dedicated server review 2015

There are numerous companies that offer hosting services, but Webhostingbuzz has managed to make a strong name and reputation for itself by providing a wealth of tailored hosting services and packages. Feature rich, customer oriented and very user-friendly, the company has managed to establish itself as one of the most trustworthy ones in the industry.

Moreover, the company has always tried to improve and diversify its services and products, and Webhostingbuzz has also started a partnership with a renowned cloud platform four years ago, and it has been providing customized cloud infrastructure services ever since. An affiliate program is also available; just like the other entire major worldwide hosting providers, Webhostingbuzz also offers an independently owned affiliate program that allows independent affiliates and marketers to make some money on the side, by providing this professional dedicated hosting service.

Webhostingbuzz dedicated server plans is reviewed here. When it comes to the benefits of the Webhostingbuzz dedicated server and hosting service, it must be said that this web hosting company offers every user a full 45 day money back guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you are not 100% satisfied with the hosting services provided by Webhostingbuzz, you can easily get all your money back, on a no questions asked basis. Moreover, the hosting service is also WordPress and application ready. If you use Joomla or WordPress, you can rest assured knowing that the service is fully compatible with whatever application you want to install. The company even puts a cPanel installer and a Softaculous tool at your disposal, for the fast and hassle free setup of your blog or website.

Webhostingbuzz coupon for dedicated server 50% off. As the similar thing happened to their shared service, all their dedicated plans are available with 50% off as well. This is some high performance dedicated servers and it will be deployed in hours after you placed your order. They guarantee you the same day setup and follow by 100% network uptime SLA guarantee. It is running with cPanel and WHM control panel and protected by 24/7 technical support. During this web hosting sale, it is start from $59.50 per month as following.

Dedicated server 50% off

They offer wide range of selection and each one comes with 100% network uptime SLA. The new server now starts from $69 dollars a month and that is after 50% half price discount. This promotion allows a huge saving up to $214 dollars.

Server promotion half price saving

Actual Webhostingbuzz speed and performance

Their shared web hosting packages might not be the most attractive deal, but in real world they’re the best in term of performance. Our website hosted with them here is loading very fast and there is no signal of slow server etc.

There are too many shared hosting services available out there, and we have checked on over two dozen of them. We compared and test the top web hosts and know their actual server performance. For this Webhostingbuzz.com, we are doing the same by checking their shared hosting plan and test the website hosted in there.

Actual Webhostingbuzz speed test and server performance. Our review website in test is with 371 kilobytes in size and our overall website loading time is 1.23 second. By calculation, the average transfer will be 301 KB/sec. This is significantly faster compare to most other top hosts.

When we see a shared hosting plan that able to give us 1 second loading time range, we are impressed and know this is something different. This is only found in most top brand that using the best network structure and the best server hardware technology. This shared service is highly recommended to all websites that look for fast load speed and response.

Webhostingbuzz website speed test

Webhostingbuzz affiliate program reviews & 100% commission

This affiliate program is previously only available via CJ signup. Recently, they have migrate and maintaining own system. And they have claimed this is the “best affiliate bargain” in web hosting world and paying 100% commission for their VPS and dedicated server.

Webhostingbuzz affiliate program payout rate is great. Here are few key points to know about this affiliate program. The minimum payout is $50 per sale and highest payout is $125 per sale. If you can refer 26+ sales per month, you will be getting the highest commission rate. If customer signup using any coupon, you’re getting 50% commission only. All these affiliate payout is only available via PayPal.

Best commission payout

Is Webhostingbuzz affiliate program sucks or not? The 50% commission rule really hurt affiliates earning. If you are signup with this affiliate program, please make sure you get this terms right. And there are few other term conditions to know about before getting started, or else you will not be getting the commission as expected. There are things that you are not allowed to do or methods that is now allowed during your marketing effort. Once violating these rules, your commission will be void and not be paid to you.

Webhostingbuzz affiliate banner choice. And when you’re ready for some marketing work, here are some of the banners available (it not pretty at all and some people think its sucks).

Shared hosting banner

VPS banner

Reseller banner

Webhostingbuzz affiliate program promotion and prize. This year 2014, they revive this program and offers some additional commission based on specific terms. Here are few of the key points:

  1. Affiliates user who returns to this program can now earn an extra 10% for the first 3 months.
  2. Affiliates who delivered sales for the pass 3 months will earn extra 15%
  3. Affiliates who advertise their product exclusively will earn 20% more.
  4. Monthly prize for top 3 affiliates, earn an extra $50 to $100 per prize.

In conclusion, we have seen some improvement with their affiliate partner program and it is getting better over time.

Webhostingbuzz domain reviews and addon domain not working and get it fix in 5 minutes

In this budget shared hosting plan, it allows multiple domains hosting and with this we are given the permission to setup more than one website at no cost. Besides having this web hosting review site, we also have another website uptime statistic and comparison site. We choose to use this web host because of its good uptime and fast performance.

Today, when checking the website and updating its WordPress blog, this add-on domain failed to load and we can’t get it working. We have FTP login and check on the .htaccess file to make sure it is still in the server. Once we confirmed the problem is not at our end, we can now start to contact their technical support team and ask for assistant. Following is the live chat session:

You are now chatting with ‘Julia.M’.
Julia.M: Welcome to WebHostingBuzz live chat support. What can I do for you?
charles: Hi,
Julia.M: hello,
charles: my addon domain can’t load. A fully working site. Now suddenly cant be access. The domain is: http://www.webhostinguptime.org/
charles: even a simple txt cant be loaded as well.
Julia.M: Checking this, one moment please.
charles: ok its working now, thanks.
Julia.M: We have restarted DNS zone on server cluster.
Julia.M: Yes, it is up and running already.
Julia.M: You are quite welcome!
Julia.M: Feel free to contact us at any time!
Julia.M: We always welcome your feedback, please click here to end this conversation and complete a short survey on your experience with WebHostingBuzz Live Chat support.

Their customer support team is very helpful and able to help us solve the issue in 5 to 10 minutes only. What they did is rebooting the DNS service and restart that particular service. Once its done, the addon website is now able to load normally.

Webhostingbuzz support reviews and using live chat support to solve website downtime problem

During website downtime, the easiest way to solve this is to use online live chat support. It takes less than 10 minutes in each occurrence and small website issue can be resolved instantly. We have experience using their shared hosting for over five years, and we know their technical support is easily accessible via online support. Following is our chat session looks like:

You are now chatting with ‘Stacy.T’.
Stacy.T: Welcome to WebHostingBuzz live chat support. What can I do for you?
charles: my website has been down for quit a long time.
charles: domain http://unbiased.webhostingbuzz-review.org/
Stacy.T: Hello,
Stacy.T: Let me check.
Stacy.T: hold on please.
charles: any luck?
Stacy.T: is it your main domain with us?
Stacy.T: we are working on the issue.
Stacy.T: we have found out the the cause of the problem.
Stacy.T: please, check your web sites now.
Stacy.T: everything should work now.
Stacy.T: your web sites are available.
charles: ok thanks.
Stacy.T: You are welcome.

The website failure causes has been detected and fixed on the spot. We are able to access the website right after that. This proof online chat service is the quickest and most effective method for general public.

Webhostingbuzz Softaculous failed to install and returning error

We tried to setup new scripts in our website and it doesn’t allow completing the process. The Softaculous is returning server error and failed to complete the setup process. The first thing to do is check the PHP configuration and version in use. Their cPanel is only allowing user to check the current PHP version and not allowing them to change from version or upgrade to newer version. This is absolutely inconvenient and we have to email their support team to do the server upgrade for us. Here is the reply from them


We’d like to transfer your account to a server with a newer default PHP version, since the current server indeed runs PHP 5.2 as the default PHP installation.

Could you please let us know which timeframe you would prefer for the migration (including time zone)?

The transfer will be performed fully on our side, without any modifications necessary on your part.

We thank you in advance and are looking forward to your reply.

Valentin P.
Level 2 Technical Team Shift Leader

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OK, seem like this server is for PHP 5.2 only and they can’t do the upgrade. The only solution here is performing site transfer and migrate our account and all websites to other server that provide the latest software. We are fine with this and letting them know to proceed with the site migration. About 30 minutes later, we are getting another email stating the site migration has been completed.


We have started transferring your account from server03 to server31 which has default PHP 5.3.28 version.

We will inform you when the transfer is finished.

Dmitriy G.,
Level 2 Technical Team

And couple of hours after, we received the confirmation message stating the migration process has been completed 100% and our websites are all available online.


We have transferred your account successfully.

Please use the following link to access your cPanel:

Please use your old credentials to get access to cPanel area.

Kindly check if everything is in order and update us if you have any questions.

Dmitriy G.,
Level 2 Technical Team

Next thing to do is login cPanel and check on the Softaculous, make sure its now working and allowing us to setup scripts. We test the Oscommerce Ecommerce site in new directory, and be able to complete the site installation. You can view this Ecommerce app in our website sidebar, link is available at there.

Webhostingbuzz CMS reviews and top 5 content management systems (CMS)

There are so many popular CMS available in the market that can be relied on for the purpose of getting the best help for the building of any kinds of site. Most of the developers and designers do not have much amount of time in learning all the CMS available in the market but they can spare time for learning only one or two and make use of all the features included in that for the purpose of using in the website. They always try to get something that is highly powerful and flexible.

There are chances for the CMS to fit all the kind of the websites in the better way. Here are the best CMS available in the market that can be useful for the purpose of getting the best one that is suitable for you.

1. WordPress

There was a big debate in the past whether to consider WordPress as the CMS or not s per the roots of it in the form of blogging platform. WordPress is the one that can power various non blog websites that include the things that are simple. It can provide with a social network service in the full fledged manner. WordPress provides with so many themes, plugins as well as widgets for the purpose of extending the functionality of it. By using the custom themes and plugins, the WordPress can be converted to a Ecommerce website, forum and also as social networking site. This is involved with huge community that can provide with so many tutorials and documentations. WordPress allows you to create websites of any kind by making use of the plugins that are paid as well as free and also by using the themes that are specialized. The dashboard is user-friendly for managing the content. It won’t be suitable for the basic website. The installation that is done in standard manner may have so many security issues that can make you vulnerable to the attacks. There is no official support available outside the forum.

2. Joomla

Joomla is another prominent CMS that is used by the popular companies. This is something suitable to be used by the back – end networks. It is made used for the various systems like inventory control, reservation systems and also with the complex – business directories and so on. There are chances for user authentication to be done by using LDAP, Google and OpenID. There are chances for availing extensions more than about 7000. There are chances for the individuals get so many documentations and also can help the support of a user community who is very active. This is the CMS that do not have much friendly back end. There are no themes that are available with this with higher quality.

3. Drupal

This is also a popular CMS that is implemented by the companies that are of high profile. There is highly active community associated with Drupal. There is also possibility for availing the documentation that is community generated. This includes all the details that you need to know about the CMS.

4. Concrete5

Concrete5 is the CMS that is highly powerful and can be used for the development of the web apps. Designing of the sites can be done easily with it an can easily be done with various levels. There are chances for you to start making the website from a theme and then choose the styles without the help of any code. If you are having good knowledge about coding then you can easily code the themes that you want by using CSS and HTML. There are chances for you to use the in context editing by using concrete5.

5. Moodle

Moodle is the CMS that is capable of providing both pros as well as cons in delivering course content even when you are using that for the online course or for the course that is instructor led. There are chances for you to make use of Moodle which can be greater pro for the teacher. There are chances for Moodle to easily make used in the form of organizational tool. There are chances for the training unit inside organization to easily help in the organization tool. It is much easier for the employees to utilize and navigate the structure and layout of Moodle.

Webhostingbuzz Ecommerce reviews and 14 types of free Ecommerce scripts included

E-commerce featuresThey are primarily using cPanel; the best software and together with the best web server, this is probably the best place to host Ecommerce cart. We look into their one click installer that provided free for their customer. They have Fantastico and this Softaculous apps installer. Inside here we found 14 different types of Ecommerce scripts for installation.

Your online Ecommerce website can host using few of the famous open source scripts, this including:

  1. Zencart
  2. Magento
  3. Oscommerce
  4. Cubecart
  5. WHMCS
  6. Tomatocart
  7. Avactis
  8. phpCOIN
  9. Quick.Cart
  10. Axis
  11. Zeuscart
  12. Boxbilling
  13. And many more

They provide the most option for online business website. Lastly, this is a carbon neutral plan too. This mean your website is green and will not contribute to carbon footprint. If you are doing online business and want to go green at the same time, this is the carbon neutral Ecommerce plan to consider. Here you have the three main reasons and advantages to choose their Ecommerce plan. Here is the installer tool and the various types of Ecommerce apps provided inside.

Our Webhostingbuzz uptime (buzz light plan)

Webhostingbuzz uptimeWebhostingbuzz uptime rating is the best. We now know their shared hosting plan come with good uptime rating in real life. For even better performance, user can upgrade to VPS or higher performance servers. Our shared plan with them is used to host this review site and currently having great availability percentage.

Shared web hosting service is getting better today and it allows website to be made available at over 99.9% of the time. This is achievable by providing a highly managed service and high-end technology that monitored the network and making sure it works as expected.

What is our Webhostingbuzz website uptime? This is measurement of how often the website is up and available online. This is the vital sign and indicates the service reliability. Basically it can be divided into network and server uptime. Failure or problem at any part will cause website downtime. In order to minimize the network side failure, service provider is choosing to use redundant hardware and network connection. And this redundant feature will improve service availability. And for this web hosting, they are using all the advanced hardware and network infrastructure. Their shared hosting is protected by 99.9% network uptime guarantee too.

Last year Webhostingbuzz uptime rating was 99.81%. Average for the pass five years is 99.75%. This is a good percentage and we can know this host is faster and more reliable compare to other similar hosting plans. This is a professional hosting plan and in standard as we found in Hostgator and Siteground hosting. All these web hosts are reliable and dependable.

Webhostingbuzz forum reviews with SMF and phpbb installation test

WordPress blog had been my all time favorite blog script. And to setup a WordPress blog site, it’s really simple and should take less than 2 minutes to do it and 5 more minutes to customize it. You WordPress blog site will be running in short time. What type of web hosting plan that should choose? You can use the basic shared service for WordPress site; all three plans are suitable for this. And they provide Fantastico installer for web apps installation, including WordPress installation.

After signup we moved this review site over and host it here. All these few years experience is excellent and all version of WordPress blog can be supported here. It’s amazing to see a smooth website for all these years and all selected plug-in are installed and running without problem. Looking for a Webhostingbuzz WordPress demo? This blog can be a good example.

They are using cPanel and this makes them a good platform to host various open source scripts including forum. For this we will recommend enterprise quality plan for the job. Do not take any budget plan and host your blog inside. This will cause various problems in the future and forum site will not be able to reach its highest potential. It requires quality web hosting service that able to process PHP and MySQL query quickly and be able to serve large volume of web users. This basic shared hosting plan is running cPanel and they are very affordable in price too. From the cPanel control panel and under Softaculous apps installer, here is the list of forum scripts available for one click installation. They provide:

  1. phpBB
  2. SMF
  3. Minibb
  4. Fudforum

Before we proceed to forum site installation, there is demo link that provide us a preview of the forum website. It also stated the amount of disk space require for the forum installation. Next we click on the phpBB forum scripts installer to start the setup process. The overview page provides more info and feature list. We need to choose installation location directory and the domain to host the forum website. Create board name, administrator email and password. Click the install button to complete the phpBB forum installation process.

Webhostingbuzz reseller hosting review (from $1.00/mo)

Webhostingbuzz reseller hosting $1 dollar promotionIs this reseller hosting recommended? Their pricing have been revised several times and latest pricing is begin from $1 dollar only. This reseller plans are available in 4 options and all packages now begin from one dollar only. That is the most crazy web hosting sales ever and they are making this possible. Choose from any promotion package and the price to pay is always $1 dollar only. Here are the all four packages available:

  1. Light plan for $12.95 per month, first month only $1.
  2. Power plan for $22.95 per month, first month only $1.
  3. Premier plan for $32.95 per month, first month only $1.
  4. Ultimate plan for $42.95 per month, first month only $1.

Why choose Webhostingbuzz reseller hosting? All reselling web hosting plan includes cPanel/WHM features, tons of storage space and data transfer. The basic plan is limited to 50 cPanel accounts, but the next three plans are allowing unlimited accounts (which are more recommended). The best choice option here is the power plan that offers with 75 GB storage and 7500 GB bandwidth usage. There is no cPanel accounts limits in here and user are allowed to create endless number of client accounts. This is the best place to get started and this plan allow you to reach unlimited customers and sell your hosting service to them. For example, you can create 1 GB real storage plan and sell it to 75 customers and make $2 dollars a month. That will sum up in $150 dollars every month and minus the $22.95, that will be a clean profit of $127.

All 4 Webhostingbuzz reseller plans available

After knowing their reseller plans, features and price… we now know there are not many competitors are able to offer this. We can compare them with Hostgator reseller and Justhost reseller plans, all these are big brand in reselling industry and their price isn’t this cheap at all. Next thing we see is better features and it allows more cPanel/customer accounts to be sold and this mean better profit margin for your reselling business. There are four packages available and this mean more upgrade opportunity in the future too.

Webhostingbuzz reseller plan promotion from $1 dollar. Order now with following web hosting coupon and you can get this for one dollar only; this is their free trial program. Use the coupon “RESELLERDEAL” for this offer. The normal price is $12.95 per month and right now it is only one dollar and nothing more.

To those looking for real deal online, this is something to really consider. It’s your chance to start online hosting business for as little as one dollar. Use the coupon “RESELLERDEAL” and grab this reselling service like nothing else. This is ideal for individual or small businesses hoping to start their own Internet hosting service, find own customer and start their own service branding. There is real money to be made here and it only cost one dollar. And there are additional free features available after renewal, which extend your account functionality and help you to profit even better in future.

$1 reseller hosting

Webhostingbuzz forum reviews with starting and maintaining an online forum

Many of us have at one time considered starting our own online forum. Although it may sound quite easy at the beginning, there’s much that goes into it from technical part of it, niche consideration and also how to find the right audience. Starting and maintaining online forum can however be achieved if one follows the right path to the end. In this guide therefore, we are going to offer you some of the tips and advice that will help you create and maintain your online forum.

1. Choosing the market.

Decide which niche market will be focused in your community. This is trickier than it sounds, and creating a similar forum to an existing and well established one is a bad idea. Very few people leave their habitual to move to your new little forum. Many people spend a lot of time on a single forum of their niche, and they will not leave it just to join your new forum. Again, find other people who are interested in building community with you. Having more people working with you will make everything better, and they can support each other when things get tough.

2. Choosing the topic.

After you have decided and chosen your right market, the next thing is to choose the right content or topics for your audience. Decide the topic and find some friends who are good in these topics and interested in working with you in your new community. You’ll have to choose a hosting plan for your forum, for example, the place where the site is hosted in will be your forum. After you have selected the topic and audience, the next thing will be choosing the best domain name of your forum and also choosing the right hosting plan. To start with, you may consider going for shared hosting before your forum has gained a huge traffic.

3. Software selection.

Although you may decide to hire a developer or a programmer to code your forum, there are a wide range of open source scripts (free) that you can use to create your forum. Your software is the heart of your forum and therefore a lot of care should be taken when choosing one. Some of the best and commonly used software include the simple machine forums or forum (SMF) and also the phpBB scripts which are user friendly to set. Another advantage of these softwares is that they rarely have as much bugs as they are regularly updated also making them less prone to hacking. After you have chosen your software, you will also be required to create your database where your information will be stored usually through a database called MySQL that can be accessed through PhpMyAdmin on your hosting cPanel. Although these scripts come with clear instructions on how to install them via ftp, you may also decide to hire a developer to install for you and this may take just few hours.

4. Managing your forum.

Once you have your forum website up and running, you may now create sub-forums for it, where different issues will be raised. Create up to 10 sub-forums without covering too many areas of different issues. A “General Discussion” is normally good to start off. Before you make your forum to the public however, it is always a good idea to create at least two to three topics in each of your areas. This will enable visitors and new users to find something to write on since most of them may be too shy to start discussions.

5. Points to note.

  • You can create a sub-forum for each topic you can think of. However, covering too many areas will make you forum look empty. Before you create a new sub-forum, it is always to ask whether there will be enough materials and topics in that area.
  • Reward members who contribute a lot of material and write often giving them a status of ‘Moderator’. This will have the added benefit of making them feel more like part of the community, and therefore work harder.
  • If you decide to start your engine based forum such as phpBB scripts, be sure to check out the vulnerability of this to avoid problems or hacks.
  • For safety, be sure to always have an updated software forum. You can do this by visiting the official site forum and comparing the number of the latest version, the version of the forum that you have installed.

Next, see our Webhostingbuzz forum site hosting review and installation test at here.